Saturday, 12 October 2013

Take Two of These

I don't want to jinx things, but on Wednesday night I took one of these and slept through the night. Not the deepest sleep I've ever had, but duration was notably better while quality was same as usual. Thursday night was a weird one in which a project had me up until about 3am. I slept hard until about 830 but then garbage trucks, light, and the noise of the neighborhood put paid to further sleep. Last night, I took two, went to bed a little before 11 (I know, I know - rock and roll lifestyle for sure), and overslept my intended 6am get out of bed time. 648 when I woke up. Except when I go to bed at 3am or something stupid like that, I haven't slept past 530 more than a handful of times in the past decade, and normally it doesn't even get that far. Monica Lewinsky's dress was still clean the last time I logged a solid 8 like that. I feel fantastic right now. Sleep doping. Who knew?

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