Sunday, 10 November 2013

All Over The Joint

Cross season has been a bit rough so far. As certain of us have become fond of saying, "do you have any idea how good you have to be just to suck these days?" It's competitive. Last week at Sander, I sucked it huge for the first lap and then spent the next however many picking people off and trying to get back in the game.

This week, I had an okay start and started to do the familiar "let's pedal with the sadness for a while and see how many people can go by" thing, and then I got all "screw that" and I went really really hard and got all ninja with the turns. That was good. Then we hit that little hill thing in the back before the barriers, and my rate of closure to the guy in front of me went geometric, which meant emergency line change to the awful left line, and even some braking not to crash into him. Could have used some shifting there, because I was MASSIVELY overgeared. Massively. This allowed many people to pass by. That was pretty much the only bad thing that happened. I rode all right. Didn't beat my number (lost to it by one), but that's more of a factor of a falsely good number, since seemingly no one pre-reg'd.

The other thing that's going on riding-wise is Saturdays at Patapsco. Saturday has recently followed the script of wake up wicked early, build a shit load of wheels, head to Patapsco and roll it for a while. Conditions have been pretty mint the last few Saturdays, and it's been fun. Someone's going to kill himself on the leaves sometime soon, and that person has a pretty high likelihood of being me.

Many many things going on otherwise involving enormous changes of all sorts. Everything's changing - everything.

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