Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Moving Right Along...

Celebrated a huge win over Arlington County. The guys want to open their freaking gym, already. First, they got hosed by something the building owner left undone, then they were just getting smacked by the County. I got the job of dealing with the woman who administers a critical bit of paperwork. She's the absolute archetype of every negative stereotype of a municipal employee (except she's actually sort of hot which is weird). Other than the not unattractiveness, she's pretty much Patty and Selma. But I won, and happily took that paper over to the fellas so they could open.

I'm pretty darn apolitical in general, but Michelle Bachman raging about how expensive gas is a political issue sure got me pissed off. Our foreign policy is pretty well dominated by the quest for secure oil sources. Let's get over this, people. Energy-wise, we've been out on a solo, early, doomed tv-time break. We're going to blow up, hard, and miss the time cut. I'm becoming more and more of a hippie by the hour.

Who else rode outside yesterday? We had a pretty darn short to-do list yesterday and I rolled from the site by 230 and was on the road by 330. Mike and I have been working on a bunch of stuff, there's a lot of job stuff in my head (I'm making great progress with one very attractive opportunity and am working along on another), and basically I had mental constipation. Banged out some good work on the road and it had the exact effect I needed on my brain. Things are moving again.

Feeling like training is going okay. Nothing too crazy. Rode with some people this weekend who could definitely hit the jets hard, and I certainly can not, but I think that in years past I've been a little bit of a February hero. I get psyched and go bat shit hard and then while my enthusiasm stays really strong, my focus and body start to wear out. This year I've got the hours and hours of sub-threshold shit happening. Going to do some more of that this weekend. Hopefully finally hit the hills.

The new Cake record is just excellent. Federal Funding and the one about sick of you, sick of me.

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