Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thawed, Part Duh

So I guess we were all wrong about where we live. It's not DC, it's MN. I hear the summers are beautiful.

Through some magical thing that one of our team mates did, the missus was able to register for Snotcycle, so we went and pre-rode yesterday. Neat course. Fast. Very fast. Our first lap, we generally went fast but did a lot of stopping to look at lines and such. We also hadn't used our mountain bikes since about forever, so there was some time spent screwing around with the bikes. The second lap, we rolled a nice tempo with a couple of brief stops (very brief) and we rolled in with about a 42:00 lap. We weren't hauling ass by any stretch, in fact it was rather a comfy pace, but we later learned that elites have done sub-30:00 laps at Hotcycle. That's quick. I was thinking that I might be able to pedal that fast, but I'd wind up wearing a tree as a bow tie if I did.

Anyway, the course is really fun, there's not much technical stuff to it. Just two fun rock things (take the left line on both), a bunch of logs to roll over, none of which are challenging, and a really fun drop off near the end of the lap. I'm bummed I won't be racing. Oh well.

Today we did kind of a more social ride. It was cold. I woke up after Haymarket had started. Driving an hour to freeze my ass off and learn what I already know wasn't in the cards there. My dressing for success plan worked real well, though. And I had a good roll up Mass from Goldsboro at the end.

After quite a while of trying to figure out where my professional life is going, stuff's moving. It's awesome. Sort of lots of stuff. Sweet. Finished that project, mellow week at work, going to do some huge rides, got some meetings. All good. I'm in a better mood these days.

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TerribleTerry said...

keep the stuff moving. You kids were in my neighborhood. Should have stopped by for some pancakes