Thursday, 27 January 2011

Totally Epic Ride

Dude the conditions were so gnarl-sesh, I've got to be the most hardest hard guy ever. Actually, my hands got completely frozen in lobster gloves (and not the hand that I kept exposing to use the camera, either), my butt got soaked, and my feet were cold at the end. Surprisingly, the bike isn't too slaughter messy. I did NOT use the RFSCs today. The wife stole 'em from me, and while I would have stolen 'em back to go ride outside normally, that would have been a little stupid today. The normal FSWs were just fine today.
how many lt intervals will start right here this year?
roads become like tunnels when you pour white concrete on the trees

can you see the forest?
we'll see lots of this road this year

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