Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vacation's Better

Friday evening we were looking at this, drinks in hand. Saturday, we were driving north while the next wave of knuckleheads was driving south to enjoy what's been a really windy few weeks. Sunday, I had a great time at Tacchino, sending people out for test rides and hanging out with friends. Monday I was back at the salt mine, readjusting. There was plenty going on when I got back, including some interesting things having to do with permits. I'd rather be on vacation than caught between developers and municipalities. I'd rather do almost anything than be stuck between developers and municipalities.

I'm pretty psyched to get back on my bike. When I got on the rollers last night, it was the first time in almost two weeks that I'd clipped in. It's a good thing that Jim still has the other bike, which has my Power Tap wheel. I have no interest in seeing what meager efforts the hamster in my wheel is capable of producing right now. It's just nice to get my legs moving again - as nice and as necessary as a break is, coming out of one is a good feeling.

In other news, I've blown straight past Movember and into Novembeard (tm). It's pretty scraggly - I'm not exactly the most hirsute of people. Except on the top of my head. For this I can be thankful.


Jim said...

Dude, about that powertap wheel...

Chuck Wagon said...

That can't be good.