Thursday, 4 November 2010


Saturday, we left DC on the way to Hatteras. It's been a long ass time since we've been on a real vacation (more than a day off) and man did we need it.

Why go to Hatteras in November? Windsurfing. As we drove over the Oregon Inlet bridge, there was almost no wind but by the time we'd unpacked the car it was plenty to get a quick sail in before sundown. That was on a 6.5 and the big board. The big board isn't as fast, fun, nimble, or capable of jumping, but when the wind's a bit lighter, it gets you on the water.

Sunday was great. It was really windy when we woke up and I got out on a 5.0 and the smallest board. As the day wore on, the breeze died down quite a bit but we got a lot of time on the water.

Monday was another windy day, as was Tuesday. Wednesday had nothing, so it was a good day for reading. If the fog ever lifts today, it's going to get windy. Good stuff.

I think I'm about 8 pounds up, way too many beers and too much good food. I also stepped on an oyster shell and cut the living piss out of my foot. Trying to keep it clean but I might get some macking infection out of that. Sweet.

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