Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bicycle Jones

I call her "Sammi Sweetheart"

It's not that often I get to pull out a Cheech and Chong reference these days. I'm getting old, they've long since gotten old. But Basketball Jones was a funny thing, and it pops up in "Being There," which is seriously one of the greatest movies of all time. Peter Sellers was an extaordinary talent.

Okay so where was I going with all of this? I miss my bike. I gave it to Jim on Monday so he could pound on it for a while. He gets my janked up Fred Sanford personal build, which is the result of some of the most discriminating eBay sales and dumpster dives that the world has ever known. Mike gives me shit for my sporty red brake pad holders, but I think they look cool. Not so much with the yellow Swissstop pads, which make it look like Ronald McDonald's bike. Meg S from Coppi just rode by. Hi Meg. Jim's on Coppi too. Small world, huh? Anyway, I've got white cables which I think look pimp, but next to our Perkins builds, yes, my bike looks like a garage sale. But in the what couple of weeks I've had this frame, the thing's grown on me, bad. I never really fit this year's frame that well. This one fits awesome, and it's fun to ride.

All the "it's not about the bike" stuff I wrote for our site, and here I am feeling like this. Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore, there, Ronny. Damn.

Big move for the day was preventing the developer's lack of dealing with some critical paperwork from turning into the work stoppage it would have been. I was more lucky than good on that one, but in dealing with Arlington inspections I've definitely learned that no phone call "just to be sure" is ever wasted. The call that initiated this whole thing certainly wasn't.

Pray for wind next week.

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GamJams said...

The red brake pad holders would be a perfectly defensible accent color, if it weren't for the blue QR skewers. With the SwissStop yellows I don't know what you're going for - an homage to Mapei maybe?