Tuesday, 26 October 2010


So I even got to ride my bike yesterday. That was really fun. Especially since it was on my November, which fits like a glove and is really fun to ride. Then today I gave it away to undergo some very specific stress testing. So I rode another one on the trainer. Ritchey bars are subtly wider than FSA bars. Also, this was my first time actually using SRAM. I've now done a half a ton of SRAM builds, but first time using it. On the trainer so it only half counts. I also broke a new low - carbon tubulars on the trainer. Had no other wheels available. What are you going to do? Now I have no road bikes at all once again. Nor wheels.

The restaurant got open. A few hiccups and such, but I could have told you there would be months ago. It's part of their process, and at the end of it all you have a fantastic restaurant. Now I'm building a gym.

People get really drunk at CX races, huh? That was a pretty fun time on Sunday. Hopefully you stopped by and got some gloves and a bottle. My mechanic skills were fully taxed by needing to fix a friend's completely recalcitrant front brake shortly before her race. Somehow I pulled it out of my ass and she made it through the race with an operative brake. We'll be at Tacchino next, at which I may even ride. My wife finagled a friend's bike to use, and my knees don't quite hit the handlebars so maybe I'll give it a go. But I promise, I will be terrible, and coming off of a weeklong bender, so if you want to see a complete fiasco, yeah, you'll want to watch that.

Between now and Tacchino I go on vacation to Hatteras. Windsurfing, hanging out, fishing, surfing, waking up late, drinking beer, maybe learning to kite, etc. First vacation in a long ass time. Really need it, really looking forward to it.

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Lauren Peterson said...

Yessssssss, I love when I get blog shout-outs. And this one didn't even comment on my lack of CX skills like that Unholy Rouleur post... Hope you guys have a great vacation!