Friday, 12 November 2010

Coupla Things

1. I actually got out for a nice long(ish) ride this afternoon. I feel like I stole something. Awesome. Yesterday too. Big win.
2. Anyone interested should please feel free to join the GJ team for 45 miles of not fast leaving from Whole Foods in Friendship Heights at 930 on Sunday morning. Just don't ride like a donkey. If you do, I'll give you crap about it. Be on time, too, okay?
3. We have the coolest business cards, ever.
4. A freaking bike company. Whodathunkit? It's actually working really well. Sun shines on a dog's ass some days I guess. Mint.
5. Going now to a friend's birthday party. God some people are young. God am I not young. Fail.
6. Vint Hill for demos tomorrow. Rockburn(?) next Saturday. But if you want in then it's pretty much swipe the card then and there. The 11th hour will have passed. We aren't holding the order open, because we are Damn Sure not delivering late. Nosiree.
Have a good weekend. Dress warmer than I did today.

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