Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Off The Wagon

The good news is that through the 7 parts luck, 2 parts diligence, and 3 parts good solution (I kind of pulled one out of my ass) thing that happened yesterday, I managed to prevent a faulty valve from catastrophically flooding the building overnight last night. This morning would have been a very shitty one indeed.

The bad news is that I haven't ridden my bike in a week, work has sucked the royal high hard one (long - LONG and f'd up days lately), various other things have required more attention and input, and it's probably not going to get a whole lot better for a while. Sweet.

The Tucker County Race, much as I'd wanted to do it, is going to have to be a pass. May be able to hit that Iron Hill mtb race the weekend after, but can't schedule Saturday races any time soon. Hopefully Tour of Washington County doesn't get thrown to the wolves for me. When Lumberger says he's gonna need me to go on ahead and come on in on Saturday, he doesn't want to hear about the $35 to $50 in race fees I'm wasting so that I can go on ahead and donate my weekend to TPS reports.

Enough whining for you?

Oh, when I left the site at 7:30 last night I stopped and got a Unibroue Terrible. Not terrible, not terrible at all. Sweet, delicious beer - eases the pain.


TerribleTerry said...

terrible? I'm calling my lawyer.

Jim said...

Good thing the valve didn't fail, because we all know how valve failures are handled in this town, and it ain't pretty.

I hope work eases up for you pretty soon.