Thursday, 20 May 2010

Up For Air

Lately I've been that guy with the full beehive of nice hanging from my nose. The "No Breathing" sign has been posted. It would be really nice if I had a better idea when this stuff would happen. Compounding it is my still not yet completely figured out fit on the new bike. The headtube is longer, and it sort of feels like I need a longer stem but I've been too spent to swap the 120 from my mtb onto the road bike to test it. My chest feels cramped. Other than that, the team frames are pretty sweet. They drive through corners exceptionally well. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've ever actually noticed a road bike doing something markedly differently (fortunately better) than what I'm used to.

May 15th has come and gone. The last two years, May 15th has been a really bad day for us. Two years ago, I crashed. Last year, my wife's boss died. We miss him. He was a good guy. This year, the worst that May 15 had for me was flatting out of Poolesville. I'll take it.

The fast is a funny thing. 'No fast' is when you're sitting on the back of the ride, hiding because some other dude has too much the fast on offer. 'Some fast' is when there are 5 or 6 people rotating at the front, and you move up the hangers on and get into the rotation smooth as a jello pudding pop. 'The fast' is when you do that same, but you just sit on the front for a while, turning 'em over easy as you like. 'The soopa fast' is when you do that, but drop everybody in so doing. The soopa fast never visits my house. I leave it milk and cookies like every night, pull teeth out and stick them under my pillow - I've tried everything. No dice. The fast, she comes every now and again. About as often as birthday cake for me. I need some the fast right about now. I didn't really feel like I had any at Fort Ritchie. I had a tiny little bit at Poolesville, but nothing to write thank you letters about. At Walkersville, I had plenty, but of course I don't know how to race so I wasted it. Bleh.

I still want to know what neutralized means.

I pretty much got nothin' to say about that other thing. It's a cool circus, a thrilling visual spectacle and all, but unless Gilbert or Pipo wins (today's my lucky day), I can't much be bothered. If Pipo's last name were Curl, his parents would have had no choice but to name him Jerry, yet still I like him. He probably gets more ass than a public toilet too. Some real track #69 (that's Euro-Trash Girls for you who don't share my astonishing taste in music).


Jim said...

You don't know what neutralize means, eh?

Talk about beating the wrong dead horse.

Chuck Wagon said...

"Dead horse?" What are you tryina be a funny guy? That almost what started this whole question. But the only answer is that it never happens anyway (except in the real world where it happens EVERY Greenbelt and no one in the B race gets it right, and in about 20% of the rest of the races), and that I have to dial up FabsRoman and ask him if his legs and legs have stopped burning, and then I know we're neutral.

It's just dumb that there is no ANSWER. There are apparently a lot of "answers," and that is very evident in the chaos whenever races get neutralized.