Monday, 31 May 2010

Careful What You Wish For

Avoided working at all this weekend. Larry, Gus, Terry, a random chick and I did a pretty cool 70 mile loop from Loudoun HS on Saturday, which included Mt Weather. As anyone alive on Saturday could tell you, it was hot. Fun ride. Everyone except Terry and the chick had random ass mechanicals. Terry's bike is held together with grime and spite, the chick has a great mechanic. Gus doesn't know the difference between false flat, roller, and categorized climb.

348 watts is the maximum number of watts attainable for 10 minutes by this rider. When viewed in light of certain riders weighing some 10 pounds less than I, averaging 390 for a half hour, well that doesn't compare very well now does it? This is one of those things where maybe my pain cave is a few floors too shallow. Who knows.

Yesterday was a double dip of joy. First, the Bicycle Place ride with Kyle and Gus. I fooked up on Mountain Gate and had to close the gap by tt'ing all the way back to Old Anglers. Shockingly, once the pace lifted on Anglers, I shattered into a zillion pieces. Then Gus flatted, some other stuff happened, I hit a curve and endo'd and that was fun. Afterwards, my legs hurt.

Then we went to Fountainhead. The slowest most painful lap of my life. Every time we go there, we're busted up from some previous effort. Except for one excellent front wheel washout and a near miss with a large tree, I managed to ride pretty well, technically. A few times I tried to ride passing lines instead of the normal line. That worked out except for once.

Today, we did a coffee shop ride in which I don't think I was over 200 watts for more than 1 minute total. Active recovery.

I had many this weekend. Elliott Ness, Sierra Nevada Summer, Ommegang Abbey, Spaten Optimater and Dunkel, and Allagash Tripel. Maybe I like beer too much.

This afternoon we were at the pool reading and getting a sunburn.

What a nice holiday weekend.

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