Thursday, 4 February 2010

What's The Rush?

The weather's really just sucked since about a quarter past forever. I've ridden my road bike outside exactly once this year - on the first day of the year. Fortunately I am getting along okay with the trainer. Tonight was the last night of a tough three day block, the order of which confused me. Some of the signals that it's starting to happen are showing up, but my brain is still missing a bunch of the cues that say the season is coming. No 10am rides yet, no trips to Marshall or Skyline. The last couple of years I've been busting at the seams to race. This year I'm content to let the season build slowly. I guess all the work on the trainer is going to amount to a quality base/build and the stuff that's been missing will happen.

I was able to pull some fancy moves at work to relieve some of what was looking like a really lame situation. Sometimes putting your head down and applying torque is the best approach. Other times, it's "hold on, let me think about this for a second." So I've got us poised to throw some ridiculous resources at things for a short time - they're available and will be well utilized in my plan. This is going to spike activity and make things seem a little strange in terms of how they are sequenced, but will allow us to work around some stupid constraints more effectively and ultimately finish more quickly and likely more cheaply.

Go Caps. Thank you Ted Leonsis for bringing DC a great team.

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