Monday, 8 February 2010


No matter how you slice it, that was a lot of snow.

Thursday played the first notes, some ticklish strains deep in the throat, way down by the collarbone. The gathering storm had surprisingly little impact on Thursday's workout. Following pretty massive efforts on Tuesday and Wednesday, I'd half expected to fold up dead about a quarter of the way into Thursday's scheduled beatdown. Instead, I found myself doing the "if you feel good, do an extra..." coda before all was said and done.

And here we take a short detour. In my last post, I quoted "Chris Carmichael, Mike May's Hero." Now, whether this one, the real one, or any other Chris Carmichael is Mike's hero or not is a story for a different day, but this purported personage (I can't stop it, I'm on FIYA!) chastised Mike for having let his anaerobic system "go to sleep." My "sharp" workout last week might have put some chips in front of that player, as the first two minute intervals of the year were just simply awful. I was all bummed out and spent a few days whining and moping around, practicing dragging the old razor blade up and down my forearm, but then an amazing thing happened. I had a few lame workouts, and then I had a bunch of really good workouts. By the time a week had passed and it was time to go back to the "sharp" drawer, my body had remembered how to produce completely lackluster power for short periods of time! So if I am any story to go by, the anaerobic system takes remarkably little time to wake up. Like me in the morning, it may be sluggish and ugly for a bit, but eventually it will come around. And speaking of ugly in the morning, that dick in the McDonald's commercial well and truly wins asshat of the year so far. What a fricking nozzle.

By Friday, the clouds were on the horizon, assisted by needing to open the site before 5am to get a bunch of concrete work done, then huffing a bunch of concrete dust as they prepped the slab for a new ramp to get keyed into it. I'm not an early riser or a huffer of concrete dust by nature. Fortunately, all was done by noon and with nothing else on the docket I made a hasty getaway.

By late afternoon I was sick.

Saturday was a fully horizontal affair, my eyes opening only to watch Georgetown miraculously keep their shit together against Villanova in the second half. The missus, along with half of the population of DC, actually made it to the game. The announcers sounded pretty in the tank for 'Nova, but maybe they're just used to seeing the Hoyas snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sunday should have been more mellow than it was, with the clouds parting somewhat. I actually made it outside for the first time since coming home Friday. Friends of ours have been without power since sometime overnight on Friday and were badly - BADLY - in need of showers and warm environs to watch the Caps game, so we offered them refuge. What a game, what a team.

The Super Bowl commercials sucked. The Audi one was downright freaky. The GoDaddy ones are played out, the Doritos ones were worth a slight chuckle, the Budweiser ones were pitifully lackluster, and there were a couple on there that were pretty much the normal ads from companies you wouldn't expect to splash for the Super Bowl ad rates. What was it, $2.5M for 30 seconds? The Doritos ones were pretty funny. You had to really be paying attention to even get the Tebow one. I almost missed it.

Anyhow, thinking about an easy spin to clear out the head and feeling pretty lucky that in the end all I will have missed from this winter's great head cold incident was a couple of trainer sessions. Normally I'll get sick/have to work/have parents in town/etc on the one blue bird weekend of the winter, the one where everyone and everyone gets out for a ride. It'll still happen, but this just wasn't that weekend.

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