Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Warm Up The Old Excuse Wagon

My first creation was a brutal buffet of broken souls, on which of course those dirty hounds, the doyennes of drop, failed to capitalize. The next can't offer such a photographic phantasm of plunge, but will not fail to deliver a digital docket of damage.

I think I watched Batman too much as a kid.

The GamJams CompuTrainer TT Throwdown p/b Sweat GUTR is now open for business.

Stephen Wahl just told you all that the way to bolt on the big boy blue jeans is to get yer ass onto a CompuTrainer quick fast and in a hurry, right? So saddle up and get in there. You'll get about an hour of pain and suffering (including warm up and race), and be hit smack in the face with all of the data about how you suffer. You can use your PowerTap or SRM during the event so you can log the workout into whatever software you use when you get home.

Here's the best part: apart from seeing how you stack up against the local heroes, the cost of the event is actually less than most CT classes. And you don't win prizes if you win a CT class, do you? BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! If you choose to do your penance at the HPC Training Center, you'll get a discount on the VO2 max testing that Stephen thinks is the business.

Mimi Newcastle designed a custom course for your pain and misery. Generally rolling, it's got something for everyone to hate. I'm predicting that there will be two guys who go sub 20:00, the average (mean) time will be 25:02 and the median time will be 24:36. What I'm saying there is that there will be more than one or two who crawl home. I also predict that I will be in the second quartile. Way to lay it down, I know. Call me Namath.

In all seriousness, it should be an excellent way to see where you are and to inflate the wheels of smacktalk for all of those 7am rides yet to come.

Oh yeah, bring all the aero equipment you want. Seriously.

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