Thursday, 28 January 2010


Me, next Saturday, following my bold proclamation that I'll wind up in the second quartile. So far, I'm sharing my time slot with one of the better TT'ers around, and a friend who never fails to rub my face in it in TT's. That's an incident of me underestimating. There are still a dozen seats left open, you could contribute to my having to eat an entire murder of crows. Make me the Kobiyashi of humble pie, as it were. Seeing as to my ability to maintain goal wattage for the entire workout last night, for the first time in several workouts (Good news: I did it. Bad news: it was a recovery workout at about 60% of FTP), I may be onto some real hot form right now!

Actually workouts have been so rough lately that I'm starting to think something ain't right. It's like doping in reverse, there is a precipitous decline in my performance lately. Maybe I've just overestimated what I'm capable of. Anecdotal evidence points to the lack of long rides lately hurting me pretty badly. Maybe the perfect storm of weather and schedule freedom will swirl and I'll be able to get something together. If not that, I'll have to man up and get out there anyway. But I don't think it's possible to underestimate the hatred I have for long ass rides in shite conditions. Uggh. One of those Irish he-men from the days of yore had some saying like "well, you can't know if it's really raining until you get out the door, and then if it is really raining when you get out the door, well you've gotten yourself wet anyway, so you might as well ride. And they're always after me Lucky Charms."

There are other instances in which I've overestimated the world. For example, I overestimated the fluidity with which this project could hope to run, and by extension the schedule latitude (which most people would spell N-O-R-M-A-L L-I-F-E) that I will enjoy for the next few months. A several month bout of starting at 6 (normally 7) and ending at or after normal time, plus the joy of regular Saturday work, is in the offing. Huzzah! Another, totally unrelated, instance had me alternately rolling on the ground and weeping for the future this morning. Oh well.

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