Monday, 25 January 2010

Thanks, Jim

We had a little discussion about ways of handling rest weeks. I had a rest week last week which primarily consisted of staying up too late, eating bad food, having too many beers, being stressed out at work, walking all over creation with my parents on Saturday, handing the missus a bag of whatfer on the squash court yesterday, and riding gently for an hour here and there. I sort of questioned the sanity of coming out of a rest week and jumping straight into a VO2 workout but that's what the man said to do so that's what I tried to do. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. The funny part was that the workout began with a 5' "opener" interval at about 110% of LT (and my LT is pretty good these days, so 110% of it is a tiny bit daunting), and I flew through that with ease. EASE I tell ya. It was near vertically downhill from there.

Jim has provided us all with hours (okay maybe minutes) of high quality entertainment lately. In appreciation, I offer the following. You have to do them in order. There's every chance I'm like 8 or 9 years behind the curve on this. It still cracks me up.


Tim Rugg said...

Now people finally know what I mean..

Bub Rub goes "WHOO WHOO"

This is approximately 7 years ago.

chris said...

....and its not going away...its like an alarm clock whoo whoo///frickin had me rollin yo'..