Sunday, 6 December 2009

Ridin' Dirty

Sometimes life hands you one. Normally, a large part of my job is in the 'being there.' Running construction projects doesn't lend itself well to telecommuting, but for the next few weeks I get to prep my next job while not having to be anywhere in particular. All of you who have the latitude to do this regularly, you're psyched. I rode outside on the mountain bike 3 days last week. By this weekend, it didn't even bug me that the weather sucked. Saturday was recovery anyway.

One-legged intervals on rollers are definitely legit. Not easy.

Sometimes you have to do a longer trainer session. Yesterday was that day for me. One hour on rollers doing warm up, one legs, and then tempo, followed by an hour of muscle tension on the trainer. Having both tools is good. Breaking the long workout into seemingly distinct parts makes it way more tolerable. But there's an awful lot of winter left to play.

A bunch of people got all Teutonic on Friday night. I really hate Jaegermeister, but am a huge lover of the dunkel. That love and that hate combined to make Saturday something special. The normally ultra reliable "sweat it out" technique was powerless. The "take a nap" technique was marginally more effective. The "stand outside in the ass pounding cold and do bike valet at the film festival" technique was, unsurprisingly, counterproductive.

It's about this time of year that doing high tempo to LT gets really bearable but anything harder seems unduly hard. Time on the mtb with all the short hard efforts has lessened that, but not by a ton. Again, a lot of winter left to go.

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