Wednesday, 2 December 2009

10 Questions Goes Rainbow

No, I'm not muscling in on Greg's niche...

An upcoming edition of 10 Questions will break new ground with our first World Champion interviewee. This person is so relevant to every aspect of 10 Questions that I find to be important, it's almost freakish. I've been excited about a lot of the interviews that have come so far, but I think I was getting too comfortable with having subjects that I either knew or sort of knew. That door has been knocked down.

After a couple of big hits recently, I reached out to two subjects who I'd known I wanted to interview since I started doing the series. In addition to providing me with two quality subjects at an important moment for maintaining my mojo with the series. I thought these would be a good "centering" thing for me (bear with me, I've been doing yoga lately), and true to form, working on their questions got the pumps working and I wound up getting myself in touch with this other subject. So now there are three totally dope interviews to look forward to, and I have a lot of momentum and new outreach to build on some of the interesting people I've talked to and the interesting stuff they've told us.

That said, I am dead balls certain that the phrase "it was steep and I was fat" will never be eclipsed in my eyes. There is some quality footage of Avery in the film of the 2009 Lost River Classic (yes, I've seen it, and it's that good). You should go see it tomorrow night at 7 at Bicycle Stations at 14th and W NW.

DJ, maybe in a couple of weeks you want to take a little off the record fact finding mission to the spot. That is if it ever stays dry for more than about 36 hours.

ps - The number 10 is becoming a real serious limiter.


GamJams said...

The limiter is what makes it a craft. Faulkner once said he wrote novels because he found the short stories too hard. And I'm pretty sure he TT'ed with a 55T chainring.

Chuck Wagon said...

Do you know that he also wrote "The Sound and The Fury" with the intent that each character's voice would be printed in a unique color ink? When told by the publisher that this was economically unfeasible, he said "fine, then don't pay me." Still a no go.

Unlike Faulkner, who didn't miss a thing - not a single, mother loving thing - I feel like me and my 12T chainring might be leaving out some gems.