Friday, 11 December 2009

It's All For Sale

Of course work went from completely chill dream job mode to holy s**t what's going on here in a matter of about half an hour today. There's a certain restaurateur who, though his last project may have been kind of a disorganized and crazy ride, I'm VERY happy to have been selected by to run his next project. It buys me about a 6 month reprieve from the developers who are doing our other big project. Maybe more. Also, of all the projects I've been involved with, I have a lot of good feelings about the last restaurant. There was a ton of making stuff up on the fly and not having the tools, budget or time to do things the way they ideally would have been done, you walk in there and you just think holy shit does this place look cool. I actually plan to take my wife there, which is odd since I and most construction people I know have a strong aversion to going back to completed projects. Maybe I will enjoy some beers there on Sunday afternoon while trying to figure out some mechanical stuff on the next joint.

I've been on a selling jag lately. Old team clothes, old parts, it's all out the door. Sold some old pedals this afternoon on eBay, have some other stuff up on there now. It's very satisfying to get rid of stuff you don't use anymore and turn it into something useful for someone else and cash for yourself. I'm on a strict diet about buying bike stuff now. The crappy stock crank on my mountain bike looks and sounds like it's about to explode and I'm starting to get regular chainsuck incidents, so the outgoing stuff will probably turn into a new crank when that thing bites the dust, and I will have "free" money to spend on it. I just hope it doesn't happen tomorrow. Probably going to Wakefield. I read that Laurel Hills was pretty dry as of yesterday, that means Wakefield should easily be in good shape by tomorrow, right? Patapsco will be ready in about June sometime.

Mike outed the team today. I think it's a great group, of which I'm certain to be both the jerk and the slow guy. Bully for me. Actually I've pretty much been training my ass off so hopefully I'm still the slow guy, just a much faster one. It ought to be a lot of fun.

I spend all day on Tuesdays dreading Tuesday night's workout since Tuesday is 2x20 day. I hate 20 minute intervals. They're hard enough to be hard but they aren't epic, you just slug through the first and then you have another one to kick you in the nuts. But I never dread Thursdays 5x5 until I'm on the bike. By #4 I'm ready to go windsurfing. #4 is always the one that gets me. #1 you just get through, it's like the first hard effort in a race that always puts you back on your heels for a second as you think "jesus maybe I just haven't got it today" but then you realize it's just all your muscles getting out of bed that hurts. #'s 2 and 3 are great, always the best efforts. Last night I actually had to temper #3 because my legs felt like hitting it and a great song (Jane's Addiction "Just Because" - a freaking FANTASTIC tune to have pop up during a 5' interval) came on, but I saw #4 poke his his around the corner like the evil monkey on Family Guy and knew I had to save some. #4_sucked_sweaty_nut. Even the iPod f'd me on that one with some crap songs. At least a 5' interval gone bad is just 5' and hey you can live through 5' of anything right? By the time #5 happens you're psyched for the end, you want your last effort of the day and last hard effort until the weekend to be good so you motor through it. But #4 can kiss my ass.

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