Sunday, 13 December 2009

Training Works

Decided to do a workout that I've been saving for a while - ramp up for 15 minutes and then hold a goal power for the rest of the hour. The idea is that you fail sometime towards the end of the hour, and then you keep trying it until you break the tape on the hour. Then you set the bar a notch higher and go all over again. It's a good workout and a good test.

Since I haven't done an LT test since forever and I can't usually go as well on the trainer as I do outside, I set the level a little lower than my best, but about where I was in March of last year. I made it through the hour with some relative ease, enough that I considered keeping it going to finish out a whole hour at goal wattage. Maybe I need a bit more focus before I'm going to do the full hour of power, but a good (and freaking long) song came on during my cool down so I threw an extra 9 minutes of hard tempo in there.

Pretty happy about the results and what it means for where I am. Next time I'll set it about 5% higher and see what happens. The goal is to get it about 15% higher than it was today by March.

Get on a program and stick with it. It might actually work.

PS - Leg strength work, when your legs are the diameter and general consistency of vermicelli al dente (and maybe not that dente at that), works a treat.

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