Saturday, 5 September 2009

Another Notch In The Belt

Last night's workout was a test of late season enthusiasm. Every minute for 10 minutes, accelerate to 30 in the saddle. 5 minutes between sets, 3 sets. It was as close to puking as I've come in a while. Refueled at Old Europe on food from the motherland. Damn that was good, the summer schnitzel was just stupidly good. The beer also tasted nice - kostritzer schwartzbier. Ummm.

Turning over the little bridge onto Glen, Schmitty turned on the uber jets in pursuit of Russ, who'd been kind of toying off the front for a while. Gulp. Clearly this was going to suck. I pulled through on the second bump, the one that ends at Piney Meetinghouse, then hid for a bit and came through again up to Travilah. That section usually hurts me bad, but today was fast enough that it was over before the deep pain came. We were still going 23 or 24 halfway up it. Same deal to Esworthy - fast enough that it was over soon. I don't know the etiquette of coming through when it's like that. I pulled through but Russ didn't slow down and I quite simply couldn't accelerate. He let me have the front for a minute I think out of pity - at least I was trying to do right - and the got back on the front. I followed down to Esworthy and then up the false flat. Needed to go deep there, was hanging in and then got the telegram - son, you got dropped. I'm going balls hard and trying to keep swinging until I get knocked out instead of sucking wheel just to stay on.

There's a crit in NJ in a few weeks where I get credit for an inlaw visit. The course is technical enough that I know I'll do fine. The thing that's got me sweating a bit is Turkey Day. That course has nothing to play to my advantage. I'm getting a little greedy for results. In answer to Mikes survey last week, yeah it's great when you know you've helped your team to a solid result but it's a little better when it's your feet on the podium.

All good.

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