Wednesday, 2 September 2009

GamJams Reviews: New Favorites

Welcome to the home of one of the top Google search results for Bell Volt helmet, Specialized BG Pro Road shoe, and Michelin Pro3Race tire reviews. I gave each favorable reviews, and maintain (perhaps even extend) my favorable stance on two of three of them. Love the Volt, love the shoes. The tires, I can't do them anymore. It seemed like I was catching flats every other time out. Tires seem to be like that - one that works like a dream for one guy doesn't do as well for another, or one that you didn't love starts hooking you up, or one which you really did love falls apart on you.

In any case, I have been rocking the Vittoria Diamante Pro tires recently. I like them quite a bit. They feel nice, they corner well, I haven't gotten any flats, etc. All the stuff that tires should do. They are a step down from the Open Corsa tires, but have similar construction and tread pattern. They have less TPI - which those of you who've been dragged to the linens department recently will understand. I'd guess that if the Open Corsas feel significantly more supple than the Diamantes, then the Open Corsas are some supple dogs indeed.

Speaking of dogs, my other new favorite are "the mutts." Despite Mike's surety that "schmancy race wheels" for me would certainly mean something cut out of discarded refrigerator doors, I wound up with a legit set of deep section carbon wheels this summer. I will admit to having exercised frugality in their acquisition - I could have bought a set of average aluminum wheels at a team discount for the same cost. The front is a Cane Creek, the rear is a Reynolds Assault. Full carbon clinchers. They're light, they're sassy, they make the neato noise, and they go fast. I have a couple of sections where I know how fast I roll, and I roll faster on these sections with the mutts.

That's about it.


GamJams said...

I don't think you know what schmancy means.

Andrew Shoaff said...

I've been riding the Open Corsa Evo CX's since I blew out a Pro Race 3 several weeks ago. Brilliant tires. They have amazing feel and roll faster than my Michelin's. Probably best kept for race days as they aren't the most durable tire on the road. That said, I think the Open Pave's could be a great all road/training tire.