Monday, 7 September 2009

Mt. Weather Will Never Be The Same

Judging from the parking lot at the Marshall Park and Ride yesterday, my wife and I had the same idea as precisely 56.33% of the Western World and rode out there yesterday. A beautiful day for a ride.

My plan was to take us on the regular NCVC route from Rectortown Rd to Rokeby, then across that main-ish road to Willisville and thence to the stop on Snickersville. From Snickersville up to Rte 7 and then up Mount Weather from that side. Once across Mt. Weather, we'd go left on Rte 50 instead of right, and start southwards back to Marshall along Rte 17. There were a couple of options for that leg of the journey.

There were a few reasons why I chose this ride over the many other options. It's very scenic. Despite the few big roads you encounter, it's pretty much small roads with low traffic. It's architecturally pleasing. The climbs, while stout, are manageable. You spend most of your time in the shade. The negatives were the major roads you have to cross and the scant bailout options.

We rolled out slowly, hit pace somewhere on Rokeby and started getting after it. Disappointingly, the stop at Airmont was out of stock of "Complete Your Look With A Stylish Do-Rag" brand do-rags. We kicked Mt. Weather square in the ass and then hit Rte 50, at which point I was asked "how much longer." Whoops. "About an hour?" Never have I been so psyched to see a sign saying "Marshall - 12" very shortly thereafter. We blew by the left turn of "Option 1" for the jog from 50 to Marshall, and bombed by Sky Meadows. Despite some traffic to deal with, Rte 17 is a hero road. Slight dowhnill. 25 the whole time.

My big f-up was in incorrectly visualizing the very last bit and taking us onto the on-ramp of Rte 66 about 4 miles West of town. Paid for it with a massive sidewall cut while exiting said on-ramp - the biggest sidewall cut I've ever seen. With unbelievable foresight, I had rolled up about 6" of this super rugged tape and put it in my seat bag that morning. Easy peasy. Rolled along 713 back to Rectortown Road, taking note of the lovely Vintage Vineyards. We shoved Foster's burgers into our heads and then went back to enjoy some wine tasting and a smashing view.

Pretty hip that a "nice ride with the wife" gets to be a slightly shorter version of one of my favorite rides.

Spent much of today trying to sort out our home stereo/entertainment deal. I hate cables and everything having anything to do with home electronics. Bleh.


BusterK said...

and you didn't even wave at me when I saw you two going down Mt. Weather as I was going up the backside?

Chuck Wagon said...

I freaking yelled out to you

Jim Wilson said...

Yep. Everyone was out. Really nice day. Thanks for your recount. Love Rokeby and Atoka etc. (We -- me and Care -- didn't do Weather.) Steve Grant and Bryan Vaughn pulled into the parking lot just as we pulled our shorts over the hips. -- JW

Sigberto said...

Next time you do this sorta thing lemme know, Catherine and I would love to tag along.