Thursday, 27 August 2009

"On Your Right"

After last night's Greenbelt I heard myself say "I wish I could go back in time and decide not to do that race."


Grayson said...

Dave, was a cloister-bang and I was an offending party who used this turn of phase last night. It's been a long season and there was a ton of fresh fish in the field making things sketchier in the B race than they've been in awhile.

That said, I do on occasion (such as last night) employ said expression if I'm near riders whose experience level I'm suspect of...and it does keep those prone to erratic handling in check, if only for a few seconds (plenty of time to avert potential disasters). In my opinion it's 1000% better than all the retards in the 4s who think they're "pro", hand-checking guys instead. A point for debate I suppose.

Again, apologies. You weren't wearing your NCVC jersey and had I known it was you (a guy who rides extremely well in the pack) I doubt I'd have chirped. Just trying to keep it safe out there....even if doing so didn't save me from being rubbed into the woods at 35mph with 2 to go. Eek.

Great job with Lost River and look forward to mixing it up next year.


Grayson - The Bike Rack

Tim Rugg said...


Chuck Wagon said...

G -
You ain't gotta apologize for shit, ever. You're the good guy. It's different when it's someone who wants to let you know he's there versus a lot of guys who seem to use it as "coming through" and then bump you to make the point. It's like "I'm 8 inches from the shoulder, where in the f do you think you're going to fit, guy????" You dodged through some holes last night where all I could do was say "guy's got some stones on him, yessir." Of course that was followed by the inadvertent CX practice.
It was decidedly NOT Rugg-ed. Or it was, whichever way works better.