Monday, 24 August 2009

Legs Like Cement

Sunday's ride sucked. My legs killed. Too much mileage last week, with a fair bit of intensity. Maybe now that I'm learning the keys to better recovery and am capable of drilling myself harder I need to forecast better. Sunday's sucking was entirely predictable, in fact I did predict it.

The greater issue was joining a group on a day when I needed to go mellow. That was dumb. There may be those people and those groups who are good at doing recovery rides among others. I have not yet been a part of such a group, and am not knowingly such a person.

Got some bling for the bike. Some new brake shoes to switch on when I use the schmancy wheels (I hate changing the pads in the shoes), some fancy chainring bolts (current ones showing rust - HATE rust), and valve extenders so I can still buy the cheap ass tubes.

I'm psyched about the Blair interview I did for GamJams. Also psyched about the one that's in progress right now. That's some fun stuff to do.

Did I win the award for this week's most boring post?


Jim said...


BTW, if you're going to screw around with valve extenders, you may want to use some 3/8" teflon tape (plumber's tape) on the threads before you screw that thing on, and get a 4" length of straight clotheshanger packed away in you tailbag. The tape is so that the extenders seal (hard to get 'em to do that otherwise) and the clotheshanger length is to tickle the valve assembly a little when you need to add air.

Then again, you can skip those steps and then when you flat out on the BlueRidge somewhere, you'll have material that will help you avoid writing the World's Second Most Boring Post.

Sigberto said...

it's ok, Blair's interview makes up for this post.

GamJams said...

What are these schmancy wheels of which you speak? If I know you, they're technically not schmancy, but "schmancy-esque."

Chuck Wagon said...

Mike go back to vacation. They're schmancy all right. Plenty freaking schmancy. Thanks for the tips Jim. Good thing I have miles of teflon tape in stock.