Saturday, 22 August 2009

10 O'clock High

Left the house intending to do some miles and then join a team ride. Got poured on, wondered whether anyone would show for the ride. Headed toward the ride, but wanted more challenge and less mellow. The group was clearly headed to Mellowville. Wisely bailed up Foxhall rather than angst up other people's deals or change my intent, and headed to RCP for the 10. Good ride. Steven Black rides fast. I got a really solid workout. It's easier to push yourself in a group. Could have done without the guy on TT bike scaring us all. He was good but unless it's like one of the all stars who you know keeps his shit together on a TT bike than you do on a road bike, I don't like 'em. The dude from Guy's Racing was fun to ride with.

I've hit that ride a few times where there was no one there. There are a lot of group rides all the time but as an early riser all week, I like to sleep in on weekends and do this one. Hopefully people show up for this ride through the fall. There are so many good riders in the area. This was the first group ride I ever did and when I started doing it, it was huge numbers week in week out.

Good thing I cleaned my bike this week. It's filthy again.

Nate just medaled at the MABRA TT Champs with a fast time. Nice.

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Sigberto said...

Mellowville is right... uber slow right up until Catherine dropped Doug and James (hahahaha!!).

I was hoping to keep it chill for them to keep up but hey, I'm also proud that she can drop the guys.

Getting that message from Nate made my day. Good for him.