Thursday, 27 August 2009

GamJams Reviews: Lights

I talked about lights a while ago.
I still have the NiteRider TrailRat from this post. It is still pretty great and still has all of the flaws it had.
The other thing I have is a PlanetBike "Spok." It's sort of like a Knog Frog but it's a ton brighter. Almost bright enough to see and not just be seen. Probably 2 of them would do a passable job for occasional riding in dim to reasonably dark conditions where you need to see something. If you think you want a Frog, check these out. Conte's has them.
I still use a Frog tail light, and I also still have a Jagermeister flasher that I clip to my jersey pocket.
**edited** I just read the post I linked to. It's more about how I MacGuyer'd my clamp back together (still works great) but the beauty is the comment, wherein Jim raises the topic of deer cooked with bacon. God I'm hungry. For deer. And bacon.
I want to learn about braising.

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