Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Here are some pictures of the home brew clamp for the headlight. Materials list is: 1 piece of red shrink wrap tubing, 1 hose clamp, 1 patch kit. Cut small holes in hose clamp to allow screws for old headlight clamp to pass through. Attach hose clamp to headlight. Put shrink wrap tubing on hose clamp. Cover fastener heads with patch kit (blue), and slip ends of patch kit patch into shrink wrap tubes. Heat shrink wrap tubes. Fasten headlight to handlebar. Go riding (at about 15 mph - this is no time of the year for hard efforts) down to Haines Point. Get passed by SuperDave going about a buck 20 (what is it with that guy?). Return home. Get nearly run into by girl running in left lane of path across from Kennedy Center. Get sworn at by same. Spend 5 seconds wondering "WTF?" Ride home wondering about all of the people who have super boring jobs and consequently spend all day on their cell phones. Think about how unlimited cell phone minutes are changing the intellectual lives of same - is there now a tide of ideas flowing around, a rich intellectual discourse, or is it at the level of People Magazine.

My excavation contractor, who lives in God's Country out on 66, saw the group on Saturday, riding up Mt. Weather. I asked him "did you see me kicking ass?" He said "man I didn't see nothin' but a bunch of skinny guys doin' s**t I'd never do." He goes about 260, 275, so his definition of skinny is somewhat (ok, highly) relative. He lives about a mile away from the base of the Blue Mountain Climb and has no idea what that giant Homeland Security installation is at the top of Mt. Weather, either. He shoots a lot of deer.


Jim said...

Nice headlight hack. In order:

SuperDave can't help it. I think his fat-burning pace is just a few knots subsonic. There's this Rite Aid pro I've seen around town who seems to be doing a 30 MPH zone 2 spin whenever I see him... bastard!

Cellphone talkers - dude, that shit is straight up People/US/Enquirer level shit. Like TV and Playstation, it turns your brains into a big pile of turds. Ask any long time teacher what young kids are like today - not "in my day... hoodlums" shit, but most kids have no attention span and are inward-looking, and this started around the time Playstation was marketed. I quit gaming because I have better ways to waste time. I don't want to hear from all the people I'm friends with all day because they tell me I'm great and want to know what I think and pretty soon I'm higher on myself than Lindsey Lohan is on X. I know it will seem like the all time dick move but we've got a firm anti-videogame policy in my house, but the kid is going to have free reign of the books. We'll see if it works, but I know from my job it's a huge advantage if you can actually do the reading, and most of the younger kids I see - the stereotypical 25 year olds coming to D.C. to work in the public sector - can't. Most of their bosses can't either. Ignance is a terrible thing to waste... but I make a living doin' it.

Your water problem - betcher cryin' today bro. Used to work construction, I feel your pain. But as a low level guy, I loved water. It was an excuse for a day off drinking, or to make the job go longer, and there's nothing like job security when you're a wage-earner.

Your contractor - wish we could get more guys like him on bikes. They are tough as **** and have the right kind of attitude to be good racers. Unfortunately, deer hunting is a lot of fun. And deer is just plain tasty. Cooked right, it's almost as good as bacon. And if you cook deer with bacon... oh sweet jeebus, I just drooled on my shirt.

Jim said...

Sorry, I just realized I dropped about 30 cuss words there. No excuse, other than my own moral dissipation.