Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Ha What?

Okay, so I got bagged on a little bit for the randomness of my Ask for Janice post. Here's the deal; Paul's Boutique is one of the best records of all time. There's nothing like it. Along with De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising and Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet, Paul's Boutique created album-oriented rap. The other thing about it is the tapestry of musical references that went into it. It's just unbelievable.

Two other items up for general discussion these days are eating and weight lifting. I do both. Generally, I eat more than I lift. But I almost always lift what I eat. Sometimes the FPG just throws stuff at me, other times I use a straw.

No, seriously, I have seen the light on the whole lifting thing. My leg strength, as measured by one rep max, actually declined quite a bit this season. Last spring, as we were finishing the old project, I hopped on the leg press and extension machines to have a go and easily racked them both for several reps. I can't do that now. For the time being I am focused on doing a lot of reps over two sets. This is primarily to adjust to lifting, so I don't foul something up. Over time I'll have a strength building plan to build muscle mass (hypertrophy, in the parlance), and then a maintenance phase which should be nearly season long. I've read again and again that old people need to lift throughout the year, and that the geriatric also need to focus more on power building workouts at the expense of endurance. Given my recent experiences of being more fresh after two hours of riding, I'll definitely bite on that one. My muscles are all white meat, I need to train them bitches to do some dark meat work.

Eating wise, as I said, I do that too. Fortunately I don't have to deal with weight maintenance as some others do. Last year I raced between 165 and 168 (75-76 kgs for those of you keeping score at home), which at 6' and some small change (184 cm)probably makes me a big fatty on the ProTour(tm). The big deal for me is not so much eating as it pertains to weight, but eating as it pertains to nutrition. By American standards, my nutrition is probably impeccable. I mostly get my however many servings of fruit and veg a day, probably get enough fiber and all that stuff, don't eat fast food too much, etc. That said, the low hanging fruit of improvement for me is to eat better. If I traded a half pint of ice cream for the same caloric quantity of spinach and broccoli, I'd be better off. Apparently the FPG is hatching a plan to go veg at New Years, maybe that's the answer. I was a non-meat-eater for like 3 years, but ate eggs and fish. This is primarily because I was hanging around with hippy sailor chicks in college and all that that entails, which in my case entailed playing vegetarian. I quit on a Thanksgiving, when the smell of mom's cooking proved more enticing than impressing patchouli stinking hippy chicks.

Since mid-September, we've pumped over 86 MILLION gallons of groundwater out of the site. We have some unmetered surface pumps that probably bump that number darn close to 100 million. I wish I could bag it up and deliver it to Georgia and Southern Cali. I have it and don't want it, they need it bad and don't have it.

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Kate said...

You got bagged on for Shaken your rumpa? that is so lame, so so lame.