Thursday, 22 January 2009

Waffle Points

This one may be better than the beer game. Certainly colder.

Whenever your mileage exceeds the average temperature during your ride, you get a point. The temperature must be below freezing for it to count. So if you do 33 miles in 32 degrees, you get a point. Every ten miles beyond the temperature average gets an extra point. When the temps drop into the 20s, the points double. When it's in the teens, they triple. Single digits quadruple the points.

So say you do 23 miles in 20 degrees average temp, as I did the other day. That ride was worth 2 points. If it had been just a few degrees colder, it would have been worth four. If I had gotten up to 30 miles, it would have been worth 3 points - the extra point for taking the mileage more than ten past the temperature. If it had been 18 degrees out, it would have been worth 6 points, doubling because the temp was in the teens.

The ride I did with the Bike Doctor guys last month definitely racked up some points. That was like 70 something miles with average temp at 30. So 5 points. The day we spent testing out the Lost River courses we did about 45 miles with temps around 30, so only 2 points. Thanks to working all weekend most of the time lately I don't have many points. Probably 9.

If you accumulate 60 points in one season you earn an honorary Belgian passport and a road side seat at the Tour of Flanders. Airfare and lodging not included.

You might as well get some value out of this winter being so freaking cold, but to earn that trip to Flanders you gotta be HARD.


Robb said...

that's all fine and dandy but what about losing points? Like..drink a 6 pack of sierra nevada on a saturday while watching a football game - minus 5 points..etc.

you can't just rack up points with no limiter. the world would be chaos!

Anonymous said...

This may not work out West - do we go by start temp or what? E.g. 48 degrees at 7am, 72 at 10am. Also, it was freakin 80 here last week and I don't have time to try to score on a day like that. SoCal may not be able to contest this one...

Dave K said...

Aw come on, I thought racking up points with no limiter was what America had come to be all about? Just ask John Thain, Vikram Pandit, the douche nozzle who ran Bear into the ground, etc.

Hell, if I get drunk enough watching football I might apply to the Belgian government for a TARP bailout!

As for SoCal, cry me a freaking river, would ya? Although I have to admit I do hate that kind of ride where you start off like the Michelin man and end up half butt naked with piles o' crap hanging out your back pockets.

Sigberto said...

Belgians like beer. Belgians have some of the best beer in the world. There's not way that limiter points should be assigned to drinking beer. That's a horrible penalty.

Haven't you ever had beer & waffles?