Thursday, 22 January 2009

GamJams Reviews: Bartape - Fizik

I really like Fizik bartape. It comes in my two flavors of choice (black and white), provides adequate cushion and is pretty easy to keep clean. The grip is also superb, especially with the gloves I like for warm weather. I use these latex-dipped cotton construction gloves ($8 for a half dozen pairs and they last a good while) or a pair of Descente fingerless gloves for racing, and the grip is totally locked with the Fizik tape. I mostly go bare hands when training when it's not cold and that's all good too.

When you go to install this tape, you'll think it's crap because the adhesive is wimpy. It's actually ideal, you just have to work with it.

With all of the crap that flies out of my head and lands in the general vicinity of my bars, I get concerned with what kind of biology is going on in my tape. Clorox wipes take care of that for me, and also keep the tape looking spiffy.

My big pro tip, which many have noticed and some have copied, is wine corks instead of plugs. They never fall out (you remove them with a corkscrew) and look tight. They may or may not provide vibration damping qualities.

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crispy said...

This is oddly timely - I just re-wrapped my bars last night. Cinelli orange bar tape FTW, and man does it look spiffy.