Thursday, 8 January 2009

GamJams Reviews: Best Cycling Christmas Present - iPhone

I had a funny Christmas this year. The whole family pretty much cut out gifts except to kids. The wife and I got each other gifts, and my parents got both of us bowling shoes (long story). My brother gave me some books but it only half counts because they are primary research for a book we are going to write. The book should be cool, it is going to be about a few of several related financial topics with my slightly informed from the hip rants complemented by his very reasoned, educated (Wharton MBA, CFP cert) and experienced take on things.

Anyway, my wife got me an iPhone and it's the balls. When I'm waiting for the interior designer to get off these interminable calls that she insists on taking while we are doing punch list walks, I can look at GamJams or read email or see how much my 401k is tanking. The reason why it's a mint cycling gift is because when you take it for a ride, you have a mapping GPS, an MP3 player and a phone with you. Pretty freaking sweet. Also, I will be able to communicate with the missus when I go to Lost River Barn. Also, I will not get lost or stuck in traffic on the way to races. I always forget the damn directions. I am also going to take a picture of the epic Faema (long time cycling sponsor - check old pictures of Eddie M) coffee maker stuff that just got installed in the kitchen and send them to Jim, who will be filled with envy. So that's why the iPhone rules as a cycling Christmas present.

Apparently I need to spend more time with the calendar function since I messed up Mike's deadline.

There was something else but I forgot it. I need new socks. Just regular ones, not cycling ones. And a haircut. If this reads like I'm losing my mind it's because I am. And I remember what else there was, and it was this. Last night sucked. Here's why:
12:30, snoring peacefully when the (home) building fire alarm goes off. False alarm.
1:50, finally fall back to sleep
4:16, snoring peacefully when the (work) building fire alarm monitoring company calls to tell me that there's been a supervisory event - a power outage - but that the generator system is on and the sustem is reset, so no reason to worry.
4:16:32, fall back to sleep
5:08, snoring peacefully when laborer doing night watch calls to tell me that the power is out but the generator's on, and the entire block of the building is out
5:08:18, fall back to sleep
5:35, snoring peacefully when alarm bell rings and the joy of a new day unfolds.

I'm leaving


John(ny) said...

Ditto. I got one for Christmas too. This thing IS the balls. I know everyone and their mammie makes a device that does most of this stuff now, but this one is just the slickest, and the one all others are measured by.

Greg said...

hell yeah. I got one too. You should get the Power Meter app.

sailchef1 said...

Your project got a one paragraph blub in this month's Food and Wine. I don't know if you collect stuff like that, but thought you might like to know.