Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Out Of Dodge

Two big scenery changes coming up for me - one temporary, one permanent. Temporary one is to WV on Tuesday next to try and convince Lost River that they really do want us to have a race there. Second is that this job is looking more and more done by the hour. Tons of tiny things left to do but the big chunks are all done.

I decided last night that I was starting to slide down the slippery slope of bailing on core and flexibility work. We all spend so freaking much time training that it's really stupid to let an important thing like that go by the wayside. Apparently Fabian Cancellara has insane hamstring flexibility, which both helps him deliver power and get himself into that nasty tt tuck. When a dude is capable of dropping the entire pro tour in the last K of a race, you have to believe that what he's doing works.

In a couple of weeks I will be on mellow schedule and able to train all I want and more. Realistically, what will happen is that we'll get some new project and I'll be sneaking rides in whenever I can.


chris said...

I am sorta training and, I guess, I reach my toes to make sure I still can about once a day. I suppose you are correct and I could try other stretching options.

micro1985 said...


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