Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Final Push

We are really freaking close to being done with this project. Over the next few days we have a staggering number of punch list walks and closeouts, inspections and turnover/training deals. The first rack of hotel rooms gets signed over in the next few days, followed immediately by the lobby, spa and fitness center. Then another huge chunk of rooms and corridors, mechanical spaces, etc. The hours are pretty long and hectic - 7 days/week for a while. Once the first chunk of handoffs happen things get a ton easier, and life starts to resume normalcy. After that, we should all be able to go on a pretty mean bender for a while and then it will get pretty mellow. We have some stuff to do for other offices, but that by nature isn't at all nuts, and then we'll do some pre-construction stuff for other projects here. So far everything is all good on the not getting a pink slip front - touch wood. This spring should be good times.

The place has a web site. The room pictures are wicked funny, they are taken in a mockup room we did a year ago. The nice sunlight is halogen lamps - the whole room is built inside another building. In any case, it's definitely the coolest project I've ever done.

Not that I am worth a whole lot when I get home in the evening but I've been pretty diligent about flogging myself on the trainer. Certainly I'm not on path at present to earn any rainbow jerseys but I'm staying in the game, it's keeping me sane and hopefully I'm not losing tons of ground.

The first beer I have in this hotel bar is going to be unbelievable. I will probably regret the 12th or 13th, but I'll just have to find that out the hard way now, won't I?


chuck hutch said...

I think the 14th and 15th beers ease the pain of the 12th and 13th.

Chuck Wagon said...

let's hope!

Greg said...

rainbow jersey is mine.

John(ny) said...

Congrats on wrapping up the last 5% of a project that may as well feel like the last 40% in an eighth of the time...making buildings is one of the coooolest things around.

chris said...

And making friends...Priceless.
Yeah good times I got the G1 and it is very nice ...about that bicycle...yeah ..if you could just move it down to the basement..

chris said...

Thats not right either Greg(gay bike racer ) those colors are lighter in shade disrespect though.