Monday, 5 January 2009

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Joined some Bike Doctor guys for an excellent adventure yesterday. The "working too much and training not enough, and eating and drinking too much when not at work" lifestyle of the last month left me a little strung out in terms of being at the top of my game yesterday, but I hung on well enough for all 75 or so miles. Thanks for an excellent time, guys.

My stupidity was that after a longish ride last week, in which I'd come home from like three hours with 1.5 full water bottles (having left the house with 2.0 full water bottles) I decided that one big one would be fine yesterday. I was a bit thirsty when I got home. Also, I didn't really so much NEED a Gu or bar or anything, but if I'd had one buried in a jacket pocket somewhere, that would have been okay too.

I haven't worn my winter tights in a while since I don't like them all that much but there's no compelling reason to get a new pair and I haven't gotten a new pair since I'm mostly too cheap to buy stuff without needing it. Well I think I'm going to be giving those suckers a second chance the next time I go out in that kind of weather. Frosty cold nuts are nobody's fun time. Not even Greg.

The new Powertap now has a couple of hundred miles under its belt and it's great. One bad thing is that if the heart rate monitor should happen to lose signal, which seems to happen profoundly less often with the 2.4 coded jigamawhatzis, you have to notice it and hit the "find" button. It will not turn back on by itself. The freewheel ratchet noise is louder than bejeesus too. Scared the crap out of me the first time I heard it. The only other thing I wish it would do is display some higher numbers.

Henry Waxman, the new head of House Commerce or some such huge commitee, officially referred to "the LAST depression" yesterday. That thing I kept on saying about when people keep saying "well, no matter what happens, it will never get as bad as 'x'?" Welcome to 'x.' The strangest part was that it wasn't even a speed bump for him - it sounded like he'd been speaking that way for weeks.

Back to work. If things go even close to plan, I will once again be the proud owner of a life on January 24th.

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