Tuesday, 30 December 2008

By Popular Demand

Maybe not popular but by important demand. As in a potential moto ref asked to see the course. Here's the profile. And here's a link to the veloroutes map. Please note that the course map and profile are shown opposite to the way we plan to run it. The map reads anti-clockwise, the race would run clockwise. The profile as you see it would ride right to left.

The race may or may not happen. There are any number of support points and circumstances on which it will depend, any of which could fail.

A brief note to refs: I would not ask you to wake up a butt crack thirty to drive all the way out there and then drive around the course all day. My plan has you billeted local to the course the evening prior to the event. I will do my best to get you as fed and drunk as you want to get.

A brief not to racers: while there is plentiful local lodging (and I am working on ensuring that it is as user friendly - i.e. cheap - as possible), I do plan NOT to start races at 8am or anything dumb like that. More like 10 or 11.

None of the info presented here should be taken as fact, promise of fact, promise of actual happening of race, promise that things won't suck, promise that you won't crash, get a flat, hit a deer or get dropped. It's a representation of something that other people and I would like to happen, how we would like it to happen. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I won't commit seppuku if that is the outcome.


Anonymous said...

While I like the idea of a race in WV, I think a better route could be developed. The condition of those roads is terrible. Plus, the first climb would split the pack like crazy and create havoc for the motor refs.

TerribleTerry said...

rough roads + split the pack = me likey!!!

Dave Kirkpatrick said...

You speak with authority yet without credentials. A quite competent group rode the course last week and disagrees with your assessment. Rather vehemently, in fact. I'd be interested in seeing the course design you propose if you have one. Otherwise, providing some credentials to go along with your authoritative stance would give your comments more credence.

Fatguy Racer said...

Thanks Dave!

You gave me an excuse to fire up the Duc and go for a ride this weekend.

Dave K said...

John - Looking forward to your thoughts after seeing it. Figure on staging at the community center on Howard's Lick/State Park Rd just up from 259 - you'll see it, it's big and white with some tennis courts - and neutral roll up to a left on Dispanet for the start.

Chris said...

well sometimes it is good to be motivated and enthusiastic,(even in the dc conservative scene) so as to stir some thought and or response. I have not seen the particular circuit but I do know those roads and I also know that until something is tried it is easy to offer pro or con OPINES(oh I guess u r being on the con side , yes DK ) soo lets just try to be a little supportive and not soo negative. If all races were meant to stay together regardless, well.. whats the point.. chris schmidt