Thursday, 24 April 2008


I'm stuck at work waiting for a guy to x-ray the deck slabs where I need to install the materials hoist. It's boring and I'm sick of looking at plans and measuring installed work. This could be a long one, hopefully he's pretty fast and I get the results I need and get outta here before too long.

Great ride this morning following last night's efforts. Last night was 5 x 20' at LT with 4' rest between each. It's a good workout, but I prefer anaerobic threshold workouts. They give a good satisfaction of having done somethig really hard when they're done. The LT workouts are certainly far from easy, but when you come home from them you're not dead. This morning my legs were a little dead, definitely. Since work is going to take who knows how long this evening I took the morning of and went out for a ride. Waking up at 7 and going for a ride at 8:30 in perfect weather totally spoiled me. That's like 2 hours of extra sleep and instead of going into stress and strife central all I had to do was roll out the door.

For those of you who've been wondering, SuperDave does indeed have a speed that isn't overdrive, which was confirmed last night. Odd to see him going anything less than Mach plus.

Eagerness got the better of me yesterday and I busted out a one minute all the way effort up Old Angler's, during which I shattered my previous one minute power record. Next time I make an attempt like this I will try to do it a little steadier than I did yesterday. I also threw down a pretty good time up Great Falls. I had always thought that the normal not crushing it but not slagging off either benchmark time up that thing was around 4 minutes, but last night was a fair bit faster than that. Still not the mythical 3:15 of which I've heard tell, but I was far from all out.

I wind up riding up the Mass Ave hill that's featured in the 7am ride quite a bit on my way home from Macarthur workouts. Gearing choice makes a big difference for me. With the 26t pie plate on I can roll up that bad boy crossed all the way over in 53-26 and go way faster than I can in an easier gear. My cadence measuring wire doohickey fell off a while ago so I have to go on the "virtual cadence" thing which I find suspect, but it seems that 90 rpm in a harder gear, for me, beats the hell out of 105 or 110 in an easier gear. The perceived effort of a given output is less. As an extra test I went up the little rise on River near the Strosniders in Potomac (inbound - like you were coming from Falls and going to Persimmon Tree) this morning, pretty massively overgeared. I was able to go mid 20s up the thing and then hold a good hard pace on Persimmon Tree to Bradley. Sort of made me think about a couple of ways that I can use that kind of a deal in races.

Hopefully this guy shows up soon.

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