Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hillary Clinton - Phooey

My brother in law calls it "N"ever "P"ositive "R"adio, but I'm a junkie for it on the commute. Anyhow, this morning the first thing I heard was the junior Senator from New York telling a crowd in Pennsylvania about the "criminal" drop in home prices over the last year, and how homeowners had "lost" trillions of dollars of value. Mrs. Clinton, where were you when the prices were going up 15% a year and everybody was crawling all over themselves to do whatever it took to get on the express train to huge riches? This isn't the kind of economic realism we need. A politician who is going to, on behalf of homeowners, book the "gains" in their home values - which only increased so quickly and so vastly because of all the financial skullduggeryfor which she (and pretty much everyone else) is rightly excoriating the titans of Wall Street. If you took out home equity loans on what, with any objectivity, you had to recognize as at least unstable gains in home equity, you had to accept the risk that those home equity gains could vanish and that you might end up owing more than your home's market value. If everyone could just stop mollycoddling people, including but not limited to the Fed's approach with banks that should have gone under and politicians wooing voters with tones of "you're not to blame," our world would be a lot better.

Then, to ease my commute home, I turned onto our friends there at WAMU for the evening dose, and what do I hear but our favorite carpet bagger bragging about her vast experience in foreign policy during her husband's administration and how she flew into Bosnia under sniper fire and she's such a brave soldier for America. To which a bunch of reporters who were there responded "WTF?" No guns, no fire, no snipers, cease fire in full effect. She stopped on the tarmac to accept a gift from an 8 year old girl. Faced with this evidence she said "I say thousands of words a day, some of them will be misplaced" or some such thing. Further, she added that "this is just a blip." Flat out bald faced lying about the lynchpins of your vast experience is hardly a blip.

My wife is no more ready to run a construction site "on day one" than I am to run a law office "on day one." You may have lived through a bunch of nights of your partner's 3am "holy shit" internal wake up calls, but until you've worn the shoes, you haven't danced the dance. M'kay? She's a liar, and a bad one at that. I can't even get to her policy because she is so damn offensive.

Great workout tonight. 4 x 10 intervals on Macarthur, good output, strong through all four. The Pony was out doing some sort of hill thing, and a couple of others were out there hitting it as well. We are lucky to have so many good places to ride so close to the city.

All right then.

If I didn't adequately express this before, an absolute horror show at the Georgetown game on Sunday. WTF? An absolute joke. Up by 17 in the second half? You've got to be joking.

Bettini - what a pork roll! Holy crap, did you see him at M-S/R? I know the camera adds 10 pounds but good lord he has been living the HIGH LIFE this winter.


Jim said...

You know, when guys call Bettini fat it makes me want to stick a 29'er wheel up their @55... sideways. Dude's about 7 - 10 pounds heavy after managing a two year peak, and preparing to try to win only two races this year, both of them coming in the late summer / early fall timeframe. He's in his off-season right now. After the two year peak he just maintained, I'm a little shocked he's on the bike at all...

More importantly, like the man says, "You don't mess with the High Life."

Chuck Wagon said...

When you weigh 7-10 pounds, having 7-10 pounds extra makes you just a wee bit porcine. Plus, he talked all winter about Flanders this, P-R that and now he says " you know, I'm really in no condition to do these races..."

I still think he's the biz, and far be it from me to mess with the High Life, but let's just say I don't want to see him with his jersey off for the opposite reason that I never again want to see that picture of Rasmussen with his shirt off.

Jim said...

Okay, so he ate an extra serving of pasta or 73. Even so, he still frickin' rocks. He had an *enormous* attack.

You better watch it, messin' with the High Life. Pretty soon that brother in the white Miller truck is going to show up and confiscate your beer. Namaste Yoga? Uh huh.

Because you don't mess with the High Life.

*Full Disclosure: I drink High Life when I'm thirsty for soda but want something that tastes slightly better and has less sugar.