Monday, 24 March 2008

Bitchin' Camaro

Not exactly a bitchin' Camaro, but we did get the new car bought this weekend. In the end, it wasn't even close, we got another Mini. This time we upgraded to the "S" version, which gets ou about 50% more horsepower. The sport suspension is pretty drastically improved in the past few years, and the 17" wheels, although they look a little cartoonish, give a nice ride. Green body with a black top and beige interior. It's a shame I will never get to drive it because it's really freaking sweet. No photos since the thing has already been swiped by my better half, never to be blessed by my white ass again.

The settlement for the old car was really good, which is part of the reason why we got a Mini in the first place and definitely factored in our latest decision. Over the course of just under 2.5 years and just over 20k miles, the car lost about 15% of its value. Low cost of ownership.

My parents were in town this weekend and it was fun to hang out with them. I think my mom is going to get a Mini now, too. She digs the Clubman model, which looks WAY cooler in person than it does in print or on TV. The Sunday crossword puzzle doesn't stand a chance when we all do it, we just shred the thing. They toured the building site and were pretty flabbergasted by it all. It's cool when you can show your parents exactly what you do in such a real way.

I got out for a good ride yesterday, although my mileage last week was pretty anemic. Out to Old Angler's, up the hill, down Great Falls and back up, then down Old Angler's. Repeat three times. Learning to pace workoouts like that is the challenge. I was pretty whooped when it was all over, but during it I was thinking "couldn't I be going harder?" I keep remembering one time last summer when I saw the Rabbi about to embark on a set of Angler's repeats. From warming up, he was sweating about as hard as I've ever done. Who knows, maybe he just sweats a lot?

Off to yoga. Getting excited for Jeff Cup. Last week notwithstanding, I have a lot of confidence in the work I've been putting in. Looking forward to a really fun race. Then I guess it's on like Donkey Kong for like three weekends. Sweet.


Kyle Jones said...

Hey, I think black wheels look good with the black roof. I have wanted one. I am thinking of trying to convince my wife to let me trade in the Subaru for a more fuel efficient clubman.

Chuck Wagon said...

Clubman is cool, definitely really cool. If we needed to replace our VW wagon I might get one of them.