Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Bipolarity R Us

I don't think that even the people who can make a difference have any idea what's going on. It's a game of musical chairs, and everyone's super wary of being the guy with no seat. The market charts for the last two days look like a power file from hill repeats on Mt. Ventoux. At this point, you kind of have to resign yourself to the idea that whatever's going to happen is going to happen. When the daily market swing is equal to the change over some years, rationality and reason have flown the coop.

Instead, take a look at my workout last night. It was a model of ebb and flow. The project owners seem to like to use me as a sales brochure as they shop this property around, so I got stuck here way later than I wanted to, missed my window of sunlight and wound up on the trainer. Which may have been a good thing since my workout would have been hard to do on the open roads. After a nice warmup, I ramped up to subthreshold level, gradually increasing to just over threshold in two minutes, then going back down to subthreshold over two minutes, ad nauseum or at least ad 40 minutes. It was rather hard, but good. A key part of my whole realization of how hard I should be working during training.

There's a lot of angst going on out there about "no one wanted to ride fast," "no one in the break wanted to work," "you're all fools that's smart racing," etc. I've abandoned any such value judging. Instead, what I am going to judge is grammar. Today's lesson: the difference between "there," "their" and "they're." A trinity of confusion, I know. They all sound the same and start with "the-." Alas, they are not interchangeable.

"There" - a place. Not "here," but "there." Note the striking similarity between these two words - "here" and "there." When you want to use a word that is similar to "here" but means a different place than here, use "there."

"Their" - a possessive. When they get "their" usage straight, they will become "heirs" to the rich tradition of the English language. Notice that similarity - "heirs" and "theirs." We're talkiing about people in both words. Hmm.

"They're" - a contraction. Literally, "they are." As in "they're" probably going to jump all over my shit for being the grammar police, but until they get their acts together over there on all those blogs, they're going to keep hearing it from me.

Also, when you want to say "should of," don't. It's should have.

Lastly, when you are using plurals, please match your prepositions to them. There are lots of people who think that "there is lots of people" is an appropriate way of saying that there are lots of people, but it isn't.


Drew said...

I hate little more in life than wobbly riders and the illiterate.

RayMan said...

If you're not married, or even if you , I think this might be your sole mate:

And if you don't know her, this is a better picture

RayMan said...

Looks like the complete address didn't post. You'll need to splice together.


Chuck Wagon said...

Wow, Ray. Wow. I swear I've never seen that blog. There is, however, a picture of her somewhere in an old post on here.

Nice race Saturday.

RayMan said...

I'd never heard of her until Kyle Jones posted something about her in his blog several months ago.

She's quite a racer.

Stormyva said...

I read a lot of they're comments about how they thought that their the only ones that were doing the work in there races and it was quite entertaining reading a lot of the posts that responded to there complaints about not doing they're fair of work and using tactics and you're head when racing not just pedaling hard. Great post on grammar too!

Kate said...

that chick is hot- FPG might be off to Nor Cal to chase after that one...don't expect me home for dinner Mr. Wagon. Once a racer chaser... always a racer chaser.

Chuck Wagon said...

Well if you go, send back plenty of pictures, would you? I mean plenty. M'kay? LYMI.