Friday, 23 May 2014


Well, if I'm writing a blog, that probably means I'm about to do some bike racing. Having moved back to New England, this year feels like it hasn't even started, even though it's Memorial Day weekend. It's been really cold, and though I guess there have been a lot of races going on, I'm not very dialed into the scene. Also, I've been really busy.

So, anyway, up to Killington we go. This is a race I did pretty well at a couple of years ago, anchored by a great race on the first day, and a good race on the last day, with a Horrifying time trial in between. This year, I have no idea. My numbers are fine, I feel okay, but with so little racing under my belt, I have no idea.

Perhaps it's a sign of aging that I now have a time trial bike, even though it's just a somewhat elegantly converted road bike. Of course, it's a sign of not growing up that I rubbed the thing for the first time on Tuesday, three nights ago. The course I will use it on more about power than anything else, it's what you might call falls flat for most of 11 miles. I was able to go pretty fast practice over expected time all, on a course that had more elevation but it was more rolling, was one big hill, rather than a gonstant gradual slope. I'm not at all time, I've never done a good time trial. I'll be happy if I have a good circuit race, and then do okay in the roadrace.

If this sort of kind of almost makes sense, and you can understand what's going on, this was entirely written through Siri.

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