Saturday, 24 May 2014

Killington Day 1

Stage 1, 18 mile loop x 3. It actually feels pretty short, especially when your field decides to ride bat shit fast the whole time and you finish 54 miles in 2:20. Meteorologically, today was a strange one indeed. The morning was overcast, the race was partly cloudy but plenty of sun, and then 2 seconds after we finished it started raining. 5' later it was deluge. 90' later, beautiful clearing skies, under which these photos were taken. Now we have a thunderstorm.

The only notable thing in the race was a group of four talented guys getting off the front on lap 2, and Loudmouth Magillicuddy from Expo Wheelmen who was just that guy. Every race needs one, I guess, so we should all be happy he was willing to be the guy. What a douche. The problem is his teammate (their team here is 3 guys) is literally the only person I know in New England racing. He seems like a nice guy, but guilt by association makes me wonder. Douchey McNozzle a) tried to pick a fight with a guy at the KOM when there were no points left to be had, the break took them all, then gave me shit for not taking pulls when a) I'm just me and if the break goes, so it goes and b) I'd just come off the fucking front. Guy was too busy hiding in 12th wheel to know any of this, so fuck him. He's supposed to be some uber sprinter but he didn't win so fuck him again. Dick. Beating him up the hill tomorrow by not less than half an hour will be my pleasure. The break was brought to heel, we had a field sprint, I had great position (which is actually becoming a thing with me) but at 135rpm on my 50x11 going mid-40's mph, I was spun the f out. Whatever, goal for the day was arrive safely with no time loss, which is a big fat check.

My legs felt good enough to give me some heart for tomorrow, I'll have to play it super close to the vest until we get to the bottom of the climb, and take my cuts from there.

Tubeless. It's what's for dinner.

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