Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Killington Redux

I had a few thoughts while I was driving home. Monday was a nice day, I rode the beginning of Sunday's stage, and then took the main access road up to K-1 base, which also covers the last 1.5 miles of Sunday's stage. Here are those thoughts:
1. I think that in masters racing, good is good. There is less specialization. The guy who won Saturday's sprint was hanging every bit as well as I was on Sunday's power climbs. He flatted, too.
2. Vermont's roads REALLY suck. The wheel van leavings on Sunday were awful - dozens of flats and several broken wheels.
3. As I age, I need to worry more about anaerobics and less about aerobic work. I'm not a physiologist, but it seems that my lingering benefit of now a lot of years of training is installed. The kick has never been my thing, and while I can put out high-ish numbers (my all time best 3' thru 7' numbers happened Sunday, and I'm light right now so w/kg was good too), they cost me a lot. I don't get that 'give me 5 easy pedal strokes and I'll be back to 100%' response.
4. If you want to get fast, you have to race. The horror of being faced with making up 50' or joining the drop-ees will motivate you like no Strava segment ever will.
5. Back to point 3, aerobic work is not a concern. There's about a 3% drop from my 1 hour power to my 2 hour power. This makes races like Saturday's circuit really easy to make it through, but it doesn't help me excel. When I performed said 2 hours at 97% of 1 hour power, I was in the midst of losing 18' to the field I'd flatted out of over the course of 50 something miles (my total solo riding time was closer to 2.5 hours - I flatted early). Races are dynamic. Being able to fairly easily ride a 5 hour century solo doesn't win races.
6. Fuck me if I'm not already fascinated with the thought of GMSR '14. Why? Everyone knows the outcome already.
7. Our team kits are just insanely good looking.
8. And our socks are even better.
9. I built up this stupid TT bike, I guess I have to find sometime to use it.
10. There are some nice races coming up in the next two weeks.
11. There are exceedingly few people I want to race with as teammates. Hearing teams yell at each other and get all aggro'd out, it's just not me. Once, about 6 years ago, for about three days, it was. I was on a big team then, and I hated it.
12. I got super lucky hooking up with the Community Bike Racing guys for housing for the weekend. What an excellent fun, funny group of guys. Lifetime, I'm two huge hits for two swings at reg-stalking to see who I kind of know and hooking up for housing at an away meet. GMSR with Dan and Eric last year was maybe the funniest weekend of the year.
13. I really need a haircut. Most old guys go bald. I'm doing the opposite.

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