Saturday, 31 May 2014

I Went To Harvard

Where I got kind of schooled. See what I did there?

Knowing things is key to bike racing (keeping with the educational theme here), and I didn't know the course, and I don't know the guys who I was racing against. This is a bad combination.

Anyway, I know that the bitchin' Dodge Charger that drove AT us as we prepped for a right hand turn, that wasn't cool at all. THANK YOU, DODGE!! Although when we made it around safely, the guy who asked if that thing had a Hemi, that was funny.

The disparity in the level of the fields is problematic. There are a lot of guys who have the simple goal of making it through the race. So you have some people who are trying to race, and then you kind of get sick of being a designated pedaler, and then it just becomes a rat fuck. Who knows? It's still fun.

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