Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So That Happened

These blogs, they seem to be a dying breed. The culture of self-importance increases, but it finds different means and methods for its spread. To be fair, some bloggers who have persisted, such as Great Uncle Paps (permalink to the right -->>) and Marc Fatbacon, generally go pretty far beyond the "hooray I won / boo, hiss I didn't win even though I should have and here's why" clap trap of the typical bike race blog. Anyhoo, last I checked somewhere near about half the kids in class have to be below average so here's me. Knuckle deep into my nostril, shirt tail tucked into my underpants.

I should be headed to Seattle, but I'm not. I'm going to Vermont instead. There's a deep situation going on and I'm not the guy to plumb those depths for you. Instead I will ignore the situation behind the facts and go to the facts. Which are that I'm going to Vermont to race Green Mountain, and then do some mountain biking. The situation behind the facts is regrettable, but I'm quite looking forward to the facts themselves. How I do is how I do. Probably a lot of people who are about as into bike racing as I am won't understand this, but while doing well is a great and good thing, it's often not the whole thing. Also, when you sprint with all the ferocity and speed with which ice melts, it's an often unattainable thing.

A nice thing about this trip will be that I'm staying an extra day in VT. After the crit, I will get a massage and enjoy one or more of the delicious and wonderful restaurants in the greater Burlington/Waterbury area (this so called "bonus night" has yet to be planned - flying by the seat of my pants a bit on this one). Then I will perform the mountain biking feats of strength the following day at Camel's Hump State Forest. It should be rather enjoyable.

Next time, far more pictures than words.

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Kevin Cross said...

Vermont is a fantastic place to ride and eat dairy. Stay safe, take lactose if necessary, and, by all means, write about it.