Saturday, 31 August 2013

It's All Lies

The GMSR TT course is kryptonite for me. Seriously. Like, not only did I do badly in my field, I did badly in the whole thing. Why this must be, I don't know. I did the hill with acceptable power, the guy who started :30 ahead had a rocket up his ass and sailed on (he did really really well), but the guy in front of him was in range. Couldn't keep the power going, oh well. It's annoying to do so badly, but with exactly 19' of TT practice/doing since the last time I got my ass handed to me on this course, what could I expect?

I'm secretly most psyched for the mountain biking that comes later, but I think today's circuit race and tomorrow's App Gap stage should be great fun. The Monday crit is like the world's most expensive super fun roller coaster, which you pay for with your ass.

Dinner at Prohibition Pig last night. It's good.

All time world class hook up on housing this weekend. Can't believe how good we've got it.

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