Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Since There's Been GamJams

The newsroll is on the way out and that's the only way anyone finds my little cesspool on the internet and it's no fun preaching to an empty choir box so here's a two second time line of the time since this thing started:

2007 - Joined NCVC, started racing. Blog started after my first Cat 4 race that summer, Mike linked to my first post. How he found it I still don't know. Had a fun season racing, thought I'd keep doing it.

2008 - Had a really fun group of NCVC 4s, started the season strong, broke my leg in the spring, spent the rest of the year recovering.

2009 - Back into racing, came back okay strong. Founded the Lost River Classic which took most of my time but was really fun. Did well in some races, became a Cat 3.

2010 - Helped Mike start the GJ racing team. Had some good races. Fun year. Good group. Mike and I decided to start a company together. Wife started racing, that was cool.

2011 - GJ team had a bit of a sophomore slump, although there were still some good parts. Getting the business going took a lot. Apart from Killington I didn't have very good results, but then cross entered my world. That was the most fun three or four months of racing I've ever had. Never raced with anything like that kind of frequency before.

2012 - Have done more mountain biking than ever. The team has been awesome, big enough that it's something but small enough that it's not a pain in the butt. Wife's turn to break a bone - her arm. Took 5 months for that to fix, I can't believe how many hours she rode in the basement through that. Results all year have been good. Can't wait for cross. Business continues to grow fast, which is by turns awesome and terrifying.

Simple, really. Isn't it?

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