Thursday, 21 June 2012

Laquelle est plus chaude?

So Jeannie Longo finally didn't win a French national championship. Pauline Ferrand Prevot, who is young and hot, beat Mme Longo, who is neither. Of course hotness is contextual, right? So what's she got happening for her? Well, a likely trip to les Jeux Olympiques. But it's a question of on what. She could go on the mountain bike since she is a full scale badass on that - she got 4th at the Houffalize World Cup a little bit ago, and she is a previous U23 MTB world champ. Julie Bresset (not nearly as hot) is ahead of her in line for the MTB spot, but France gets two spots because they're silly at mountain biking. But she could also go in the TT, since clearly she's the best femme TT in France. And that would mean she'd also have to go road (TT racers have to do the road race). The f'd up thing is that she might be better at CX than she is at MTB, TT, or road. So, in the context of context, unless you got a problem being spanked in every cycling way possible by your lady, she's pretty freaking hot. But then we also have my longstanding favorite, Katerina Nash. A smokeshow. Talk about multi-talented - she first went to the Olympics in '96 in mountain biking, then went twice in cross country skiing. Now she's going again in mountain biking, 16 years after she first went. She rips at cx, and she does pretty well at road, too. But she's maybe mostly known as a mountain biker. And here's where it gets a bit funky. She got 3rd in her home UCI XC round at Nove Mesto, and was then ruling it at La Bresse, France. She couldn't close the deal though, as Gunn Rita Dahle Flescha who kind of looks like a tall and muscular Sinead O'Connor from the shaven head days, was pressing her the whole last lap. The bike handling liabilities that she'd been showing all day finally got the best of her and she gave it away within sight of the line. It would have been cooler if she'd won. In any case, because being able to discuss plotlines of Gilligan's Island episodes is important to me, and I like winter sports too, and, well, I've heard some strong things about the Czech, umm, lifestyle (and I've been there, and I have NO trouble believing what they say), I stick with the reigning champ. Even though this was a heck of a challenge, this time Katerina rides strong through the line and takes it. That is all.

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